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Choosing your Word of the Year. Mine Chose Me.

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

In December, I blogged about spending a week at our lake home at the beginning of each fresh, new year to reflect on the previous year and make loosely plotted plans for the current year. Loosely plotted because some of my most epic opportunities have come from going off-road, and while the trip may have been bumpy at times (Hello ALL of 2020! And BTW what the $%#& 2021!!), I have never regretted where those roads took me! 

Accessories designer and style curator, Paula Parisotto, stands against an old table in her office, smiling.

During this time away I also choose my Word of the Year. One little word that holds big potential. The word that becomes my years mantra helping to shape and direct my daily actions. BTW, have you noticed that a Word of the Year seems to have gained traction leaving New Years Resolutions a thing of the past? 

Circumstances have not permitted me to spend my full week at the lake this month (yet!) however, as if the lake knew of my forthcoming plans, during our late December visit I had a massively magical a-ha moment. 

It hit me while on our morning walk. "I GOT IT!!"

"Got what?" my hubby asks.

Excitedly, I answer "My Word of the Year!!!!!" 

A bit premature as I had not yet relaxed, reflected and planned but there it was, dropping out of the sky on the back of a sweet, pink, winged Sicilian miniature donkey named Lucia. (It's truly how it happened.) 

What's the word you ask...........Choose

I didn't even have to choose it, it chose me. And, it's perfection! Choose. Yes! In any given moment I get to choose. Think about the infinite number of choices we are faced with on the daily, some inconsequential and others, monumental. SO many choices. SO many opportunities. Opportunities to create a positive or negative impact on my life. Choose is big.........and I am big on taking it on. 

Interested in learning what my Word of The Year was in '18. '19 and '20? Click here. I'm interested in knowing if you choose (see, there it is, another chance to choose) a Word of the Year. And if so, what is this years? 


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