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There’s freedom in every bag.

We believe in the liberty to follow our dreams. To live an effortlessly adventurous life in a thoughtful environment.

That’s why we’re showing up every day to create an All-American company that doesn’t just talk about freedom – it cultivates it.

Thoughtfully Sourced

Sourcing premiere cork fabric was priority one. Our choice had to check all of the boxes……luxuriously soft yet durable and long-lasting. The best in the world!

After 2 toilsome years of research and sampling, California and Portugal collided in a coffee shop in Malibu and, boom, all of Paula’s cork dreams came true.

Our exact source is kept on the down-low {Do you blame us?} but we can tell you that our cork is ethically and sustainably harvested by skilled workers from a small but mighty PETA - Certified vegan Portuguese company. Boxes checked!

Perfectly Refined

Clearly, we believe in Earth friendly partners. That’s why we require a tannery that uses the most natural, eco-friendly processes in the industry. We have that in Wickett & Craig.

Creating US jobs since 1867, this premiere US tannery perfected the labor-intensive craft of vegetable tanning, producing superior leathers of refined quality. In fact, they are only 1 of 2 veg tanneries in the country! Boy, did we get lucky?


Quality Handcrafted

Having carefully chosen materials commands quality hand-craftsmanship. We believed that craftsmanship would be found right here in the US. We were correct.

In business since 1985, Waterbury Leatherworks spent the first 6 years crafting for Dooney & Bourke. {Talk about quality!} With a whopping 90+ years of combined experience in crafting quality leather goods, Ernest, Russ and their family of crafters {including two adorable dogs} believe that no detail is too small. And, so do we. We’re big fans of their craft, and know that you will be, too.