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Questions? We have answers!

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What is cork "leather"?

Cork "leather" is a natural and eco-friendly material derived directly from the bark of the cork oak tree. Here are a few of my favorite features:


  • It’s surprisingly soft and highly resistant to wear making it as durable as worn-in leather (with none of the wait).
  • No two pieces of cork are ever exactly alike, making your accessories truly one-of-a-kind.
  • With over 50% of its volume being air, cork is super lightweight, taking unnecessary pressure off of your shoulders and back.
  • It’s stain resistant and soap and water washable making it a breeze to maintain.
  • Cork fabric doesn’t absorb dust, so it’s hypoallergenic and a great option for anyone with asthma or allergies.
  • It’s water, fade, moisture and mildew resistant making it the perfect alternative to animal leather.

Clearly, I am a big fan, and think you will be, too.

P.S. If you would like a sample of any of my cork fabrics, we're happy to accommodate you. Please email CustomerService@PaulaParisotto.com with your request.  


Where does cork come from?

Most cork is found in Portugal, which is where we source ours from! I spent two years researching and wear testing cork fabrics until I finally landed on the most luxurious, most durable cork in the world. Yes, the world! I'm just that picky. 

If you like fun facts…

The industry is regulated by the government of Portugal to make sure that skilled workers harvest the cork ethically and sustainably, causing no injury to the trees or the environment. In fact, the cork oak is the only tree that regenerates itself after each harvest! Each tree lives 150-200 years, making them havens for wildlife, including 3 endangered species: the Iberian Lynx, Iberian Imperial Eagle and Barbary Deer.


How long will my cork accessory last?

A long time! Not only do we craft my accessories from the best cork in the world, cork’s natural honeycomb structure is highly resistant to wear. However, similar to animal leathers, cork will change over time, softening as well as showing some wear at the corners and edges of straps.


Can I get my cork accessories wet?

Yep! Cork is water resistant, so you can watch as water beads up and rolls right off. Take it out in the rain, to the beach, or slopes – anywhere life takes you.


Are Paula Parisotto accessories made in the United States?

Absolutely, yes! All of my products are handcrafted in the US because I'm all about creating jobs, supporting the US economy, promoting fair labor practices and sticking to a high standard of quality.


Are Paula Parisotto products vegan?

My cork supplier is certified vegan by PETA however, my collection does incorporate quality veg-tanned leather detailing. If you’re looking for a 100% vegan option, they are out there and we are happy to direct you to them.


You say cork is lightweight, but just how light is it?

The majority of the pieces in my collections weigh 1 (Yes, one!) pound in weight or less. Compare that to accessories made of animal leathers.


What’s the best way to clean my cork accessories?

Cork is naturally resistant to dirt, dust and stains, so you’ll find your cork accessories a breeze to maintain. When cleaning is necessary, simply dampen a soft, clean cloth with warm water and a mild liquid detergent. (Natural baby wipes work too!) Using a circular motion, gently wipe clean. Rinse the cloth, squeeze out the water and wipe away any excess soap. Then, simply pat or air dry! It's really is that easy. Promise!


Will my cork accessories need conditioning like leather goods?

Much like animal leather, cork leather will get even softer, more supple and develop a beautiful patina as it reacts to the oils in our skin and the environment. Unlike most leathers, however, there’s no conditioning required. However, after cleaning, applying a cork conditioner 2-4 times a year will further help retain the beauty of your cork.

Stain resistance, cleaning and conditioning of the leather details can be achieved with a quality leather product. I'm a fan of Earth friendly brands like Smith's Leather Balm and Bee Natural Leathercare®.


How do I know what size belt to order?

That's easy! 

  • Small belts fits waist/hip measurements 30-36”
  • Medium belts fit waist/hip measurements 34-40”
  • Large belts fit waist/hip measurements 38-44"

Note: Belt sizing is usually 2-3" larger than the pant size. For instance, if a size 34 pant is worn, a 34-40" belt should be the best fit. 


Should my belt curving?

Yep, because your body has curves your belt will curve too! Just as leather shoes conform to the shape of your feet, cork and leather belts conform to the contours of your body. The natural curving will not affect the performance of your belt and actually makes it more comfortable to wear.

Payments + Shipping

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercharge, Discover, American Express, ShopPay and Paula Parisotto gift cards. BTW, you can get those right over here.


Can I track my order?

You sure can! Within a few days of placing your order, you’ll get an email with a shipping notification and the UPS tracking number.


Can I send a Paula Parisotto accessory as a gift?

And, show off how style savvy you are? Of course! Simply add the items you want to send as a gift to your cart. During the purchasing process, type "Gift" in the "Is this a gift?" box. The items will be billed and shipped to the two separate addresses you provided. 

 Or you can let your lucky friend pick their own accessory, by sending a PP gift card.


Help! The item I want is sold out.

Don’t worry! As long as the accessory is in high demand and we are able to get all of the materials to make the product again, we will. Simply email CustomerService@PaulaParisotto.com with your request. We promise to get in touch if the item becomes available.


Do you charge for shipping?

All orders within the contiguous US are shipped standard UPS free of charge, with no minimum purchase. 


How soon will I receive my order?

We aim to ship out your order as quickly as possible, most of the time that’s within 24 hours. Typical arrival is within 5 business days after shipment.

Need it faster? You’ll see an option for expedited shipping on your checkout page.

 *Note that UPS does not deliver to P.O. boxes. If this is a concern, don’t be shy! Email CustomerService@PaulaParisotto.com and we’ll help you get it sorted out. 


Do you ship internationally?

At the moment, we only shipping orders within the United States. If you would like an item shipped overseas, we're happy to help accommodate that. Simply contact us at CustomerService@PaulaParisotto.com

Exchanges + Returns

What is your exchange and return policy?

We’re pretty positive you’ll fall madly in love with our accessories. However, if you don’t, we will gladly accept exchanges or returns of unworn, unaltered and unwashed merchandise within 30 days of purchase date. You just need the proof of purchase. We’ll pay the return shipping.

Providing the item you want is in stock, exchanges will be shipped out within 3 business days of receiving your in perfect condition item. Refunds will be processed within 3-5 days of receiving your return and issued to the original form of payment. (Returns are exclusive of shipping costs.)


How do I make a return?

Head right over here to get started.


Can I cancel or modify my order?

Definitely, as long as we haven’t fulfilled the order. At that point, you’ll need to follow the returns process described above. If you need assistance, click here.

Wholesale + Retail

I'm a boutique owner/buyer and would love to sell pieces from your collections, do you sell wholesale?

You're in luck......yes!

Simply email us at CustomerService@PaulaParisotto.com to begin the conversation. 


Can I find Paula Parisotto accessories in boutiques?

Yes, you can currently find part or all of my collections in:

Buellton, CA at Vega Vineyard and Farm (entire collection)

Los Alamos, CA at Local Artisans Enterprise (entire collection)

Paso Robles, CA at Tablas Creek Winery

As well as Jupiter, Florida and San Simons Island, Georgia. 


Want to see the PP collection in your area? Let us know where you live. Email CustomerService@PaulaParisotto.com