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The Best Belt He'll Ever Own

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Belts are pretty much a staple in every man’s wardrobe, and unless he’s a heavyweight boxing champ hosting his championship belt for all to see, his belt needs are probably pretty simple. It simply has to hold those pants up and not cost a fortune. Savvier shoppers might wonder if it will go with the shoes they already own, but chances are the most important considerations in purchasing a new belt are overlooked:


A man, dressed in a tucked brown patterned polo shirts, khaki shorts and cork belt stands outdoors, lovingly holding a little black dog.

1) Is it versatile? Nothing can take a look from fab to drab like a casual belt paired with a sleek, stylish suit. Sure, that old belt looks OK with jeans, but will it work with your dress pants as well?

2) Is it reversible? Every guy I know loves when he can get a two-for-one kinda deal. That screwdriver that flips from Philips head to flat head? Sold! Two for One Big Mac? He’s in! A belt that is two colors and easily switched between the two? Now that’s a deal. It takes up less room in the closet (and suitcase!), not to mention makes life easier for that man who likes to keep his look minimalist.

3) How rigid is it? If a belt is too stiff, it won’t conform to the body, making it uncomfortable to wear. Men may not share an hourglass shape of their female counterparts, but they certainly aren’t round like a tin can. A well-made belt should adapt to all bodies. Want to try a quick test? Lay your belt flat on the floor - it shouldn’t be straight; you should see the body mimicking curves.

4) Weight probably doesn’t figure into many men’s minds when choosing a belt, but unless he’s a 5-time rodeo champ, he likely doesn’t want to wear a turquoise studded belt that weighs as much as his toddler. The less weight carried about the middle; the more his body will thank him. A heavy belt is torture on the hips and back (look, if you ARE a rodeo champ, let’s talk, I’ll design you a belt that looks just as good and won’t have you limping around like a Rodeo clown!)

Let me introduce you to the Lee Reversible Belt, named after THE jockey for the world record frog jump (34 years and standing baby!), my Great Uncle Lee, a.k.a. Lee the Frogger. Calaveras County Fair doesn’t give out heavyweight belts (but who wants to wear them anyway?), so I crafted a belt that was worthy of my favorite champ. While my belt doesn’t have Uncle Lee’s famous Lee the Frogger emblazoned on it like the one he always wore, it does have all of Uncle Lee’s charisma and character packed into its one-of-a-kind style. It checks off all the boxes for style, quality, and function!  

First up, it’s reversible! Soft natural cork on one side and veg-tanned leather on the other. Both sides soften and patina over time, adding to their long wearability and beauty. Cork is naturally unique as it comes from a tree making sure no two pieces are ever the same and your belt uniquely yours. Plus, cork is just as durable as medium grain leathers, yet it is a natural and sustainable product. Fun fact, cork trees can be harvested every nine to ten years and will yield 16 harvests on average in their lifetime! Talk about sustainability!

It's sleek and slimline design is both fashionable and lightweight (less than half a pound!). And maybe best of all, it’s 100% American made, letting us put money back in our economy (which is needed now, more than ever!) Designed in California and handcrafted here in the USA (Connecticut), this is a belt crafted with every man in mind!


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