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What's a Fashion Trend and Who Sets them?

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Fashion trends......you've heard of them but what do you really know about them? Like, who starts them and how do they trickle down to us? Welp, I'm here to help! Here's your lesson, in brief: 

Yellow and blue hung on a rack ready to be purchased.

A fashion trend is a style that becomes hip to the masses. They begin as simple ideas traveling the world influencing our choices. And who comes up with these ideas? These guys........


Inspired by travel, music, movies, current events, history and a plethora of other influences, designers create seasonal looks to send down Fashion Week runways which occur twice a year in four fashion capitals of the world: Milan, Paris, New York, and London.

Fashion Elites:

Fashion editors, celebrities, models and other stylish elites attend Fashion Week in anticipation of seeing what the minds of the designers have created. From the simply outrageous (Like seriously, who in the actual H. E. Double L is going to wear that?) to the classics with a fresh twist, they'll pass along all that passed before them.  

Fashion Influencers:

Lesser known designers (like myself), stylists (That's me too!), bloggers and buyers attend bi-annual fashion conferences to gather intel about styles that have surged to the top on their way to becoming the next big trend. We then share these insights with our customers, clients and followers.


Although most celebrities and musicians are influenced directly by the runways (or what their stylist delivers to their dressing rooms), many influence fashion all on their own. Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Steven Tyler, Madonna, Mondrian, Monet and lest not ignore the Kardashians, fan clubber or not, they defiantly make an impact on fashion trends. 

Everyday Folk:

You and I can even have a huge impact on style. Okay, maybe not actually you and I but those we see on the street whom define themselves by their wardrobes, wearing out of the box, original looks consisting of mismatched patterns and styles, over or undersized garments and accessories, layers upon layers or barely theres that may cause us scratch our heads and think, "Hmmmmmm!" yet provide big time designers fresh inspiration. 

So, again, an idea comes from someone or somewhere, is created and then viewed via runways, street style and/or print and electronic media.  A style becomes a trend if it is widely accepted by the masses. If that trend has real staying power, it becomes a classic. (A single strand of pearls is always in style thanks to trendsetter Audrey Hepburn!) Styles that carry only a smidgen of interest are coined fads and fizzle out fast. (think acid washed jeans)  an styles that fall flat on the masses, simply die away. (Eh-em, Lady Gaga's meat dress!) 

And there you have it, fashion trends and the who behind them. 

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