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Best Purses for On-the-Go Women

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Best is a bold statement; after all, it can mean different things to different people, right? But I feel pretty confident after 20 years as an exec schlepping my stuff to an office, and my 50 plus (ahem) years as a woman, that I can speak with some authority on the subject! Not to mention my years serving women as their personal stylist, I have some ideas about what works well for women on the go!


Two professional ladies leaned against a wall sporting their on the go professional, sustainable, quality US made purses

Maybe you like a roomy shoulder bag with enough space to tuck in a laptop, H2O and snacks. (mmmmm, snacks!) Or you want a sleek purse that fits the essentials and makes you feel like the boss you are (both in and out of the office!). No matter your preference, there are some universal necessities when it comes to finding the perfect purse.

High on the list…….lightweight. Once you start adding all the items you carry, that bag can get real heavy real fast. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it's also terrible on your posture and puts undue stress on your shoulders, neck and back!

Speaking of comfortable, non-slip straps are always a must. Nothing is more disappointing (or uncomfortable!) than a cute bag that constantly slides off your shoulder.

Finding a purse that is roomy enough to hold your daily essentials while not being too big and bulky is always a plus. I'm not just talking about your favorite facial mist - you want a bag that will hold a laptop or iPad and maybe your current reading material. (BTW...I recently read “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” and let me tell ya, I'm now focusing my F's on the important stuff. Give it a read.)

Form AND function are a must. Who wants a good-looking bag that lacks function or a functional bag that is, well, funky looking? No woman ever. The best bags have just enough pockets in all the right places and is cute to boot.  

I am all about quality over quantity (and hope that you are too...#slowfashion). Quality materials (sustainable is an awesome choice!) and quality made. Being a US citizen and US manufacturer, I am partial to Made in the USA, however quality and ethical manufacturers can be found in many parts of the world. 

When you find a purse that hits all the above points.......Jackpot! Imagine this purse also carrying you through your workday into your evening out? Oh, and it being the best travel buddy, keeping all your personal travel items close? And what if this purse could also convert from small to large in an instant, is washable (you know your purse goes wherever you go....ewwww!), is hypoallergenic and you could beat a fire out with it (true story)? 

Does this unicorn bag exist? Yep! Her name is Yvonne. She's hand-crafted of luxury Portuguese cork (sustainable-check!) which makes her SUPER lightweight.  She's uniquely comfortable to carry and converts in a jiffy to hold a little or a lot. Her clean and classic lines are a form and function marriage made where unicorns roam. Dirt, dust and water roll right off of her and ink, lipstick and wine are washed off under a faucet. Quality made in the USA, Yvonne is your purse unicorn. And, she was just released in a delicious shade of navy blue!

Yvonne's exterior pocket and three interior pockets are enough for most however, if you crave further organization, pair Yvonne up with a felt purse organizer like those found by the makers on Etsy. Then get ready to have the following convo on the regular:

"Girl, I LOVE your purse!"

"Thanks. It has pockets!"

So tell me, did I hit all of your on the go must-haves when choosing a purse? If I missed one, drop me a note and let me know what you look for when adding a new bag to your lifestyle.



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