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Six Fashion Brands that Create Comfort

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Fashion is known for pushing boundaries, letting imagination take the reigns when it comes to design. Looks can range from minimalism that would make Steve Jobs heart pitter-patter, to creations that have you doubling back with a WTF on your face. Let’s be honest, some fashion is just painful to look at...men’s jumpsuits and Bjork’s swan dress for example come to mind...but also can be painful to wear. High-heeled sneakers anyone? Ugh...and Ouch 

Santa Barbara California Personal stylist and cork accessories designer, Paula Parisotto, standing inside her closet, in front of hundreds of shoes, smiling.

Painful fashion isn’t new. Different cultures have been practicing it for centuries; from neck rings to foot binding, and tooth lacquering, humankind has explored fashion that finds beauty in extremes. North America has had its share of painful fashion choices as well. In the 19th century, a particularly coveted color of bright green was achieved through the use of arsenic, creating killer clothing, and I am not talking about their wicked fashion sense here! A Mad Hatter wasn’t just a quirky character in a beloved children’s story either. The less than flattering nickname was earned because of the mercury poisoning most hatters suffered under for their use of mercury in their craft, causing them to go mad from exposure. Talk about dying over fashion! 

It wasn’t just a lack of knowledge about chemical exposure that plagued early American fashion, women were often subjected to painful style trends known to cause health issues. From rib crushing corsets that caused shortness of breath and fainting spells (to which the solution was to design a fainting couch. WHAT?!) and back-breaking crinolines, which aside from hiding a herd of goats under your skirt, I can’t see any point to wearing, women have been suffering for fashion since the ancient Greeks (thanks to them we have neck-breaking platform shoes that STILL haven’t totally gone out of vogue!)

Even the not so distant fashion trend of the skinny jean was often worn so tight they caused nerve damage!  Pair them with some toe crushing pointed toe heels and you could hobble through your day looking cute while feeling terrible. 

I say “NO MORE!” The idea that pain is beauty is a trend that needs to die. Our health matters and feeling good is the only beauty tip you need to be on-trend in now and into 2021. (Come on 2021!!!!) Let’s take the pain out of fashion, by skipping those trends that can cause long term damage (I’m looking at you jeans that like to be all up in my business!) and opt for some solutions to take the pain out of feeling fashionable. 

Even the cutest of comfortable and supportive flats can still cause pain. You can alleviate your trouble spots with inserts like these from Foot Petals. From the ball of the foot to back or bottom of heel pain, they’ve been my solution of choice for my personal styling clients. They also work great in boots and heels which means your search for the perfect shoe may just be one you already own! 

Keeping blister-free when wearing a sneaker or flat can be problematic, and seeing socks peeking out around the ankle can distract from your overall look. I am a fan of the odor-free (and comfy) Gekks. They are antimicrobial, sweat, and odor-reducing no show socks and they are my go-to for a comfortable sock-free look!

A more stable stiletto is every woman’s dream. It’s no secret, I adore heels. I mean, have you seen pics of my closet? What I don’t love is sinking into the grass or twisting around in the gravel and potentially breaking my neck. Stabilize your block and stiletto heels with clear, stick-on, flexible Grasswalkers. I keep a pair in my car so that I am ready for any unexpected terrain I might encounter at a wedding or gathering with friends.  

Listen, ladies, we need to talk about a sensitive topic here. We’ve all been there, a sneeze, a giggle fest with the girls, squatting down to retrieve a dropped item...and then we feel it. Years of having babies, age, and forgetting to do those kegel exercises, means that leaks happen. Speax absorbent panties replace pantyliners, keep you dry, are machine washable, and comfortable. No more uncomfortable bunching by my ladybits? Sign me up! 

Did you know that earring pull on your earlobes is one of the top three fashion fails on your health? Lighten up that load with featherweight earrings, like ones made of, you guessed it, cork! They make a statement while being so comfortable, most people forget they are wearing them! I promise I’m not pulling your ear here (LOLOLOL) - If you happen to want some of your own, lucky for you, I know a gal….Check out all of my reversible, customizable styles, colors and handy-dandy “Which Style Flatters my Face Shape?” Guide and give your lobes a lift.

Unless you are built like Fred Flintstone, your body isn’t cylindrical. You have beautiful curves and your belt should be flexible enough to accommodate those curves without causing pain. Lay your most worn belt (or that of your hubby’s or significant other) flat on the floor. Does it curve? It SHOULD! If not, boy have I got the solution for you! My Lee Reversible AND Unisex belt will not only hug your curves but is supremely lightweight. Who knew a belt could be (should be) healthy for your body. 

Ps. If you want to do more research on the top three most dangerous fashion trends for your health, take a look at some of the issues caused by wearing: 

-Stilettos - long term use can cause severe back pain, ingrown toenails (yuck!), and arthritis in your feet. 

-Skinny jeans - when worn too tight, they are known to be a source of nerve pain and sometimes yeast infections (double yuck!)

-Heavy jewelry - earrings that pull on your lobes, stretching the hole will make wearing cute studs, and other style earrings impossible. You could even tear the hole clear through. Ouch! 

If you have any other fashion favs or saves, I’d love to hear them. Drop them in a comment below! 



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