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What Should we Wear to A Wedding? Read On!

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like we are seeing more and more wedding invites coming in as this year’s wedding season approaches. No doubt it’s thanks to COVID and the many rescheduled events couples endured as we waited for the pandemic to ease across the county. But as we get ready to celebrate with those we love, it’s natural that we begin to wonder what on earth we will wear? Although personal styling is my business, I'm feeling a little rusty on this whole dressing up and going out business and I'm betting that you are too.


What Should we Wear to A Wedding? Read On!

First up, check out the invite for some clear-cut cues on what to wear. If the couple indicated a dress code, such as black-tie, semi-formal, or formal, it would be in bad taste not to honor the couple’s request. In the case of formal attire, if you don’t have something in the back of the closet waiting for its night to shine - or if you do, maybe those COVID pounds have you feeling less than comfortable wearing it out in public - no need to panic and run out for a brand look! Instead, check out websites like Poshmark, Le Tote or Rent-the-Runway, for budget-friendly glam that will let you dance the night away in style.

Now some of these upcoming suggestions may feel a little old-fashioned, but let’s just call them classic (because that never goes out of style, am I right?). The most respectful way to arrive at any event (be a wedding or even funerals for that matter) is to come looking put-together rather than thrown-together. Some exceptions would be themed weddings or location weddings that call for specific attire. For example, this month, I am styling a wedding whose theme is western and taking place in a corral. The couple has requested jeans for the fellas and boots for all attending. We have also seen a rise in royal-themed weddings where you should most certainly channel your inner Kate Middleton. So it’s time to rock that fascinator with your cocktail gown, Ladies!

But for those of you attending more traditional wedding celebrations this summer, here are some easy style tips to make sure you wedding-guest ready!

Ladies - choose sophisticated fabrics when selecting your dress or blouse for the event (hint: cotton is not one of them). Look at silk, cashmere, crepe, or satin for an elegant feel. Chic jumpers or pantsuits with clean lines are also excellent choices for weddings. Try to keep the flashy looks to a minimum - this is the bride’s day, and all eyes should be on her. This means avoiding a plunging neckline or super short hemline - those looks are great for the club, but let’s keep the girls and gams undercover on a wedding day!

If you’re looking for the right handbag to bring along to hold those essentials like your phone and lipstick, a sleek clutch is always a win-win. Its slim profile won’t add bulk to your outfit, and they always slip easily under a chair for safekeeping. If you need one that will look good no matter what look you are sporting, check out my GiGi - my Gilded Gator-Embossed Cork Clutch is perfect if you’re looking for a sexy plus one at your side!

You’ve probably heard that it’s never a good idea to wear white or off-white, as that is considered disrespectful to the bride. However, all-white weddings are on the rise, so feel free to don your brightest whites if the couple indicates this is their wedding theme! I would also caution against wearing all black unless the wedding is a black-tie affair.

Heels and sandals are always appropriate for a wedding, but friends, I have to drop a personal PSA here: flip-flops are not sandals. Leave those at home! Do choose shoes that compliment your outfit and are comfortable to hit the dance floor in! Shawls or cute lightweight coats are always a good accessory to bring along for after nightfall when the temperature drops.

Fellas - you guys have it pretty easy. When in doubt, a suit and tie is always a good idea! Save your black suits for black-tie events and opt for one in a neutral tone such as beige (for summer), grey, or navy. Paired with a long-sleeve button-front shirt, a nice tie, well-fitted slacks is always a good choice. The bonus of a suit is that if you arrive and everyone is sporting a more dressed-down look, simply leaving the dress jacket in the car lets you blend right in with the rest of the crowd. We have seen a trend in men’s dress that leans more casual - this can be fine, but avoid denim - it just sends the message that you didn’t try too hard when choosing your outfit for the day!

Shoes and belts should always match, and try to choose socks that match your trousers. NO WHITE SOCKS, my friends! Shoes make the man, so choose a suitable pair for the suit or pants you have selected. If your favorite shoes look a little scuffed, a little petroleum jelly on a soft cloth will lightly buff away scratches, making them look as good as new!

In general, follow any requested dress codes set forth by the couple. Always iron out wrinkles (or my favorite lazy hacks 1) hang my outfit in the bathroom while I shower and the steam do its thing or 2) toss my garments in the dryer with an ice cube or two. Either works like a charm!) and avoid rips and tears in your pants. When in doubt, ere on the side of overdressed - it’s always better than being the only one underdressed!

For more fashion tips check out past blogs like this one to get some inspiration as you look for your go-to wedding guest attire this season!






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