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Choosing the Most Figure Flattering Swimsuit for your Body Type

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

“She wore an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini…” Do you remember the iconic song lyrics beyond the catchy chorus? It starts out chronicling a woman’s desire to hide in the locker room out of nerves about her cute new swimsuit. She eventually comes out yet hides under a beach blanket and then enters the water but stays in until she turns blue, trying to hide her body. I think as women, we can all relate to feeling self-consciousness at the start of swimwear season! Lucky for you, I have some tried and true tips to feel confident when you hit the beach this season in your new suit...no hiding in the locker room or under a blanket for you, Girlfriend! You’re going to strut your stuff - whether it’s in a thong, tha, thong, thong, thong (yep, they’re back! Not on my booty, mind you!) - or in a full piece suit, feeling your absolute best!


itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini

If you’re like me, hunched behind my computer in my comfy COVID-wear, working to keep business as norm as possible, I may have added some extra curves to my frame with a couple (read: several) unwanted pounds. Days of staying put at home had me indulging in daily breakfast treats with my coffee and Margaritas with my Mexican food. The personal trainer in me says, “Get up and get back at it, girl!” while the personal stylist in me says, “Meh, it’s been a rough year, give yourself some grace…”

Maybe your wellness goals are totally on track...and Bravo! But perhaps you’d want to choose a suit to best flatter your frame no matter how fit you are! No matter your shape or size or how you got there, here are a few figure-flattering tips to choosing swimwear:

In the words of the indomitable Queen, “Fat Bottomed Girls Make the Rocking World Go Round!” Do you have a wide bottom or thicker thighs? (I think the kids these days call it thiccc, and it’s a good thing!) Choose a swim bottom with a high-cut leg opening straying from bottoms that cut you mid-hip. A darker, solid-colored bottom and lighter colored or patterned tops help flatter your booty.

If your shape is slim and straight, choose an embellished bottom (like ruffles or patterns) to add some curves to those skinny French hips! Adding a high-cut leg opening is also flattering on flatter tushies.

Bustlines are one of the most complained about features of swimsuits. More petite chested gals feel uncomfortable when the bodice gaps and straps slip without something substantial to hold them up. Larger busted ladies bemoan the squishing, spillage, and uncomfortable underwires.

If you are a member of the (Itty Bitty Titty Committee), choose a v-neck or sweetheart neckline for a flattering fit. Embellished, patterned, or lighter colored tops add some visual volume and, paired with solid or patterned bottoms, helps balance body proportions.

Women with a bountiful bosom should choose a well-supported, simple top with good coverage (don’t forget the side-boob!) Darker colors on top help to balance a larger chest with a smaller bottom.

To help create a waistline, choose a suit with strategic color blocking or cutouts. A high-cut leg opening also helps create a visual waist on more rectangular torsos. If your covid pounds have settled around the middle creating a larger tummy, suits with a side tie, ruching or gathering are always flattering. And as always, you can’t go wrong with diagonal lines to lengthen and slim your frame!

Broad shoulders always look good in one-shoulder styles or thicker straps which help minimize the appearance of width. If your point of insecurity is your arms, there are lots of cute styles with sleeves available. Pretty much any area you feel more comfortable covered has options, from flowing tops to skirted bottoms!

Whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging at the pool, remember that every body is a good body, a beautiful body! Treat your body with gratitude for all that it does for you as you enjoy that Summer Vitamin D! And when you hit the beach, don’t forget the Yvonne Tote is perfect for tucking a couple of towels, snacks, h20 and a bottle of sunscreen away for a day of fun in the sun! I’d love to see photos of you this summer doing your thing - if these tips helped you find some swimwear that you love, will you share a photo and tag me on Instagram at #paulaparisottostyle?

P.S. That's me, on a California beach, in my itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini circa 1973. The lady in the other photo? My grandma, GiGi, whom my GiGi Clutch is named after. 





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