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7 Style Tips to Turn your "issues" into Assets

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Like a kaleidoscope of color and shape, women’s bodies come in a multitude of sizes and curves, and girl, let me tell you, as a personal stylist, I have dressed them ALL.


A man and two ladies walk with a bike along a paved path on a summer wearing unique purses, tote handbag, crossbody purse, clutch purse and unisex reversible belt made in the usa.

Often women get caught up in making changes to their bodies before they address their style, but can we have an honest chat here? Bodacious booties, barely-there breasts, jiggly upper arms, and nonexistent waistlines..........we all have areas we struggle with. And as a former personal trainer and group exercise instructor, I can tell you, proper exercise and diet will create change.........to a certain extent. The first step to change is to change how you feel about YOU. I want you to love all your parts. Your favs and those parts of you that you are on a journey to change. In the meantime, knowing these asset flattering tips will have you stepping out confident and classy.

Tip #1: Sleeve it to Me - Wearing a sleeve length that ends at the same point as your natural waist visually creates an hourglass shape. Try it! Put on a long sleeve top leaving one sleeve full length, and the other pulled to a ¾ length, check yourself out in a mirror, and voila! Instant curves!

Tip #2: Line it Up! - A single or multiple vertical lines close together causes you to appear taller and slimmer. This trick works like magic to naturally elongate your stature without having to wear heels (though the right pair can elevate this look-read here for more info on which heels to choose to flatter your frame!)

Tip #3: Busting out! - A wide horizontal line, larger pockets or ruffles across the chest will visually increase the size of your bust. 

Tip #4: Lead Me On - Diagonal hemlines on a top lead the eye, and when worn across a protruding belly or wide hips will minimize their appearance rather than attract attention to those areas.

Tip #5: DO Get Your Clothes in a Bunch - Ruching (pronounced roo-shing) is the gathering of of fabric - essentially, it makes the fabric ripple. Ruching at the waistline of a top or dress creates diagonal lines in the form of pleats that draw the eye towards the waistline, giving the appearance of a more narrow and defined waist. God bless the French for originating this innovative element of style!

Tip #6: Be Balanced - Adding a broach or knotted scarf on the opposite side of your hair part is most flattering as it brings an element of balance to your face and neck. In the life long search for balance, this may be the easiest balance to achieve!

Tip #7: Get Your Hands Outta Your Pockets! - Unless you absolutely can’t live without them (and I feel ya, pockets are glorious!) have a seamstress remove and sew pockets closed in well-fitted trousers, skirts, dresses, and cardigans. Closing your pockets will minimize unnecessary volume keeping your silhouette smooth. And if you need a bag to hold all the things that your pockets would typically carry, GiGi is your girl. She is sleek, just like your sense of style.

Summer has been heating up, and if you have a burning style question to get you through the season, I’m eager to answer it! Comment below or email me!




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