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How to Create a Life Well Lived and Well Loved

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

As Independence Day approaches, my thoughts often focus on what it means to be free. Freedom has long been the foundation in which I have built my dreams, because there is no greater freedom than saying “Hell, yes!” to opportunities that set your soul on fire!


Santa Barbara California accessories designer and personal stylist, Paula Parisotto, wears jeans, a blue and white gingham button up, and tan heels while BBQing for Independence Day

Back on December 12th, 2017, while the rest of the county was humming “Silver Bells” my heart was singing another tune. I was meeting with Melinda, my newly hired brand strategist for the first time. We set up our office in a darling coffee shop in Malibu (a city just made for dreaming big dreams!) and took a deep dive into my design world. My materials, manufacturing, collection, niche market, my goals (both business and personal) laid bare, ready for evaluation. It is an intimate thing, to let someone into your dreams to refine them, liberating them to become a reality. My collection, my company, my brand…it bears my name, and so much of me has been infused into our attributes, values, and mission. The beauty of being vulnerable and letting another mind into your business is they can often see what is right in front of you. It wasn’t long into our workshop, and Melinda pulled at the common thread that ran throughout...FREEDOM!! I hope you read that in your best Oprah voice because that is exactly the level of excitement I feel when I think of it!

Freedom has woven its way throughout each value of my business, starting with the decision to work with cork material. Cork allows my customers the freedom to choose more earth-friendly accessories. Selecting a US manufacturer to bring my collection to life not only ensures quality but also supports the hard-working men and women of our country so they may have the freedom to live quality lives.

My collection offers freedom. Freedom to #getcorky by living an effortlessly adventurous life through accessories that are lightweight, washable, durable, hypoallergenic, fade, moisture, and mildew resistant, not to mention intentionally designed to be stylish AND all-purpose!

Giving back to those who selflessly serve our country became my business’s love letter to freedom, donating a portion of every gift card sale to Pets for Vets, as a small token of appreciation for the continued freedoms we enjoy. And girl, you know I enjoy them! Owning and operating my own company gives me freedom from corporate employment. Hell yes! The sky’s the limit on what freedom looks like for my business. Some days it means my office is the sandy shores of the lake, with my iPad in my right hand and a vodka gimlet in my left. Other days it means I end my work day early and grab ramen with my girlfriends. Most importantly, it has given me the freedom to create unlimited earnings so that I may live life fully and bring others along for the ride. Weeee! You know this ride is a wild one!

When I started this business, it was never my direct intention to inspire others, but I did want to impact the people I engage with positivity. I set goals, work hard, and grasp every opportunity and idea that comes my way. I take risks because chasing dreams is innate to who I am. I believe that we each have the freedom to go after a well-lived life. I hope that sharing my journey will encourage you to craft a life you love of your own.

If I can be even the smallest part of realizing your dreams, then it is an honor. I’d love to hear about your journey and how you're taking steps toward creating your own definition of freedom.



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