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The Most Figure Flattering Heels

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

It’s essential for every woman to own a pair (or two!) of kick-ass heels….something to keep you fab yet on your feet while you're, well, kicking-ass. Being a woman who does all the things, takes finesse, and knowing just what shoe will take your outfit, stylishly and comfortably, to the next level.


A beautiful floral pair of stilettos sits on top of an old aqua colored suit case on the lawn of a manor.


"Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally." Christian Louboutin.


Shoes are like a magic wand, creating an optical illusion on your body. They have the power to shorten, lengthen, narrow, widen, draw attention, or detract from your features. Knowing the shoe profile that is best for your body will help you step out looking and feeling your best!

If I’m going to school you in shoes, we best start with a vocab lesson! Here’s a diagram to help:

Parts of a women's high heel shoe


And, now for the lesson: 

Thick Ankles - Try a slim mid-high heel with a low vamp and pointed toe box to slim and elongate your foot.

Shorter Stature or Short Legs - Follows the same rule as above.

Curvy or Thick Legs - Visually slim your legs with a wedge or block heel paired with a low vamp and pointed-toe.

Long Legs - Show them off with a mid-high vamp. Choose a square or round toe and a T or ankle strap, paired with a kitten, wedge or block heel.

Small Feet - I recommend a kitten heel with a low vamp and pointed toe box.

Large and/or Long Feet - Wedge or block heels nicely balance larger feet.  For a long foot, try a mid vamp with a rounded or square toe box.

Wide Feet - For wide feet, your best look will be a high heel and low vamp with a pointed toe box. 

Narrow Feet - Opt for a slim mid-high heel, with a high vamp and ankle strap. If you have thin legs and build a T-strap or ankle strap is a flattering look paired with a high vamp. These styles will look best on you with a round or square toe.

'Cause sharing tips for how to dress your best is one of my favorite topics, here are a few bonus lessons for ya:

Wearing a shoe color that matches your skin tone always makes legs look longer and slimmer. Alternatively, matching your shoe color to that of your pants also creates the same effect. If you are choosing a pointed toe, look for ones that are only slightly pointed. Something more severe can take on a costumed look, so unless Glenda the Good Witch is your end goal, keep toes classic.

Where are all my petite ladies at? Listen up! Steer clear of severely rounded toes as they can appear juvenile and shorten your stature. Also, stray from block heels which can cause your legs and stature to look stocky. It has been said, “the higher the heel the closer to heaven”, however, ultra high heels on a petite gal simply looks out of proportion (And cause a forward pitch that can wreak havoc on your back.) Embrace your stature and opt for heels no taller than 2.5 - 3” inches.

I only have one shoe “don’t” and that is to wear something that causes you pain (no matter how cute they are!) If your feet are miserable, then it will show through in your attitude and altitude.....'cause you'll be hunched over in pain! Remember, the goal here is to look AND feel fabulous!

I love that we can elevate our style with simple changes without having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. If you are just now joining us, then you should check out my previous posts on accessorizing your look with balanced pieces that complement your shape.  We’ve covered how to choose the best jewelry, handbags, and necklines. Take a peek then let me know what your burning style questions are? I’d love to answer them here on the blog!




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