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Spring Out of Stay at Home with On-trend DIY Styles

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Remember that recurring dream from high school of showing up to class in your underwear? The last few months have taught us how quickly we adapt to comfort, so it wouldn’t be surprising if that dream resurfaces as we start to reopen the country. 

A tape measure, thread and scissors lay on a table ready to sew cork purses.

After months of quick store runs, where just about anything would do (Sniff, sniff, yeah, I think this t-shirt can get one more wear…) we’d tuck our heads down and get in and out, hoping we wouldn’t run into anyone we knew. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I am an extrovert, and I did find myself masked, gloved, and waving wildly at friends and strangers alike, so happy to see another soul out and about! 

Nonetheless, social distancing did have it’s advantages when it came to fashion…

For the last two months, I've practically lived in three sets of workout gear (hello functional comfort!) This encouraged me to make time for daily fitness since I was already dressed for it. I have no doubt my wallet was happy about the savings, but I am sure the rest of my wardrobe was shouting “Wear me! Wear me!”  

Whether is was pj's, sweats, t-shirts or tights wearing them has helped us save on water bills, soap, electricity, and time. For those living alone (I bet that wasn’t easy. Thanks for sacrificing for the health of others friend!), you may have worn the same outfit day after day knowing your cat wasn’t going to tell anyone! 

Some people got creative, repurposing old bras and leggings into masks. You know I love me some repurposed fashion, so this was probably my favorite trend to come out of the lockdown! 

Speaking of repurposing, how many of you took this time to do a deep clean of your closet? Um, you know I did! It’s my favorite anytime activity. 

Spending time cleaning out my closet, trying on new looks, mixing patterns, and updating old looks with layered jewelry and unique accessories left me feeling so fresh and stylish. It felt like I had a whole new wardrobe but without the cost.

Maybe you didn’t get around to a good ol’ spring clean and organizing of your closet. If you are feeling inspired to do so, click here for steps to audit your wardrobe. Once you find that an organized closet feels good and you want more uncluttered spaces in your life, here is a link to audit your purse! Warning! You may find unexpected treasures, and when you do, you have to come back and let us know. One reader found a $20 bill in her coat pocket, so if that isn’t an incentive to organize, I don’t know what is! 

When you are going through your closet, try on the items you have decided to keep. Playing dress-up isn’t just for little girls! Making decisions on what to keep should be tied to how the piece makes you feel. My blog is chocked full of guides for figure-flattering styling and ways to enhance your, ahem, ASSets. 

I know for many folks, money is tight. COVID-19 has interrupted our means of work, and dropping hard-earned cash on spring and summer fashion trends might feel frivolous. So, I've put together some DIY styles to help you strut your socially distanced self in on-trend style. 

  • For a style that feels as cool as it looks, take that maxi skirt and hike it up over the girls to wear it as a cute sundress. If bare arms aren’t your thing, layer a lightweight cardigan or shawl over the top. 
  • Bleached denim, Bermuda, and cut off shorts are on-trend. You know those jeans that got holes in the knees from all of the spring-cleaning you did? Make shorts out of them, cutting them at a length that feels comfortable to you. Allow them to unravel a bit in the washer/dryer for that super casual cut off look or, if you’re handy, sew them up the Bermuda style. Not so handy? I bet that seamstress at the dry cleaner would appreciate the work. #sewlocal
  • Embroidered denim is also totally on-trend, so if your just right bootie huggin’ jeans are looking a little worn, hop online or over to your fav craft store and grab yourself a few sweet little appliques. Cover up the catastrophe and look cute at the same time. Some might call this look recycled, but I like to call it up-cycled fashion!  
  • Know how to crochet? This 70’s staple has made its return, and retro-vibes are always in fashion. Tops, skirts, dresses you name it...if you’ve got the bod for this clingy (um, often a bit see-through) style, go for it, babe! Here’s to looking funky, fresh, and fine this season! 
  • Chain belts are back too. Have any gold chain laying around your garage…we’re not talking the chunky Mr. T gold chain (I pity the fool that thinks that’s cute). Try using the chainlink strap off a purse you no longer love. My favorite trick is using a loooong necklace that will open up and fit around your waist. 
  • Did your closet audit unearth some 80’s neon? Wear it! Yeah, it’s back. But don’t have a cow man, just make sure you leave some of those famous phrases back with the 80’s - they totally “barf me out!” 
  • Vests! They’re totally en vogue again. Perhaps your hubby has one that he no longer wears. Snag it and tailor it to fit you! Paired with a slim fit T and a pair of boyfriend jeans and you have casual look, that’s comfortable yet trendy!
  • Lightweight leather is a great item to wear when you are transitioning seasons. Have a favorite piece hanging in the back of your closet? Dress it up by painting a large flower on it (the 60’s big, bold wallpaper prints are popping up everywhere), or dress it up with an embellished purse and shoes. 
  • Kaftans are a hot trend that keeps you cool and lets you feel put together (even when you feel thrown together!) They are gaining in popularity, with Kaftan parties becoming the rage in NYC as a relaxed house party theme! Unless your Mrs. Roper (where my “Three’s Company fans at? Woman had style, am I right?), you may have to find one online on the cheap. Trust me. Cute kaftans aren’t hard to find. 

Have any affordable style DIY's that you want to share? I love hearing your ideas for finding fashion in unexpected places! Let me know in the comments below! 


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