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New Year Resolutions and New Years Wardrobes

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Resolutions can get a lot of flack. They are thought of as pledges destined to be to be broken. But not me! I make the most of this season of reflection.


Personal stylist from Solvang, CA sits in room with cream walls and cream satin curtains wearing a beautiful brightly colored floral sweater and hot pink full skirt in a aqua satin and gold chair.

I sit for a week (yes a FULL week!) and review the previous year. I do my best reflection by the water in solitude. No puppy snuggles, no Netflix and chill with the hubby, just the sounds of the water lapping at the lakeshore, my planners and a pen, and my thoughts. What served me well this year in my life and in my business? Which moments did I want more of in the coming year? Did I say yes to enough adventure? Did I balance my mediation and yoga with plenty of tacos and champagne? I make note of the lessons I learned from both the good and the bad. I dream, I decide and I dedicate myself to new goals for the coming year.

The key is to put these new goals down in writing. I break them down to into measurable goals. Monthly. Weekly. And I check in on them just as often. Because a goal without a plan is just as wish, and my three wishes ran out a long time ago. Now, I’m the girl in the story, who rolls up her sleeves and gets things DONE.

Writing down your goals will help you with accountability, but the real change comes with a change in how your view yourself. You must first see yourself as worthy of greatness, and as the beautiful, badass woman that you are. Yeah, I’m talking to you! You are a total bad-ass! Post a note on your vanity mirror with affirmations to keep your mind focused on how amazing YOU ARE! Write it in red lipstick if you’re feeling saucy; just make sure the message is there loud and clear! You are one, Hot-Fully Capable-Totally Confident-Kick-Ass-BABE!

Part of recognizing you are a kick-ass babe is to dress like one! Style-savvy mavens all have one thing in common: they do an annual audit of their wardrobe. As a personal stylist, I can tell you the benefits of having an organized wardrobe that you’ll wear, love and looks great on you are many. For starters, less time deciding what to wear, more time for brunch! Did someone say mimosas?

To get started, turn on your fav tunes; grab a snack, a bottle of champagne and several hours. (If you have a bossy BFF, bring her too, to help you stay on task!) Next, remove the entire contents of your closet. Yep, the entire contents! Piece, by piece, review your wardrobe. If you love it, it fits well and isn’t from the 80’s, put it back in your closet. If it’s worn, toss it. If they’re the wrong size but you really do love them, pack ‘em up and store them (unless we are talking about your fat-pants. Chuck those, Girl! You don’t need them!) If they just don’t bring you joy, donate them. You know someone out there will love them! Warning, this task is best done in one fell swoop! It will be exhausting and messy, but once those discarded items are packed up those feeling will be replaced with the deliciously exhilarating feeling of freedom that comes with looking your best!   

After your audit, you may find it necessary to add a few fresh pieces to your wardrobe. Before you do, I have a few suggestions. No more black. Wear color! Classic black has its place, but adding color will make you feel more vibrant and beautiful.  Wear patterns. They are more forgiving than solid colors over our, ahem, lumps and bumps. Most importantly, they’re fun and make you feel beautiful. While you are at it, embrace your curves sexy lady! Trash all those baggy, bulky, droopy garments and opt for those that carefully hug your beautiful body.

Most importantly, as you head into the New Year, make sure you are accessorizing with your most valuable item...your smile! Happiness is the key to a successful new year!

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