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Proportions, Purses, & Patterns- Oh My! Choosing the Best Handbag for your Body

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Everyone has a favorite purse, that go-to bag you automatically reach for whenever it’s time to head out the door. I make no secret that my favorite girl is Yvonne - she’s a go-getter of a handbag, going from slim and sleek to open enough to fit my water bottle, iPad and snacks (and pretty much everything else I want to bring along!) Even though she’s my favorite, she isn’t always the first bag I turn to because proportion is only one part of the perfect handbag equation! Patterns are another consideration when choosing your quintessential carryall, and I have a whole set of tips to help you choose patterns that will flatter every time! 

Proportions, Purses, & Patterns- Oh My!  Choosing the Best Handbag for your Body

Before we dig into details, we have to start with a foundation by identifying your frame size. Using my simple formula, choosing flattering accessories is a breeze! Frame size is essential for determining the lines and curves that will flatter your unique shape!

Whether draped on the body or worn as an accessory, patterns play an important role in visually shaping your body. These tips apply to garments and accessories alike. 

For my petite readers, look for smaller patterns that won’t overwhelm your frame. Large patterns tend to enter the room first, and I don’t know about you, but I want to be the one making an entrance, not my wildly patterned pants! Be mindful of small-flowered or polka-dotted prints, as these can appear juvenile on a more petite frame.

Medium-framed ladies will find that medium-sized patterns are most flattering for their shape. And you yep! You guessed it - Larger frames can totally rock those larger patterns!

I know my followers are savvy style mavens, and I am sure you see a theme here - proportions and patterns go hand in hand when choosing flattering fashion.

Patterns are more than just plaids and floral prints, so I put together some tips for using patterns to draw attention to your best *ass*sets (and minimize those areas you’d rather not have all eyes upon!)

Diagonal Lines - Much like the diagonal line created by the strap of a crossbody purse, diagonal lines in a garment’s pattern visually slims the part of the body they cross over. The same goes for diagonal design elements such an asymmetrical stitching, slanted hemlines, flaps, and collars. Anything that works that hard to make me look good without sacrificing carbs is guaranteed to be my design BFF!

Patterns on White Background - This is tricky to work with as patterns overlaid on a white background can visually enlarge a subject, so you must use them intentionally. When used well, you can add curves to areas that need a little boost. So if you are endowed with voluptuous hips but are also a proud member of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee), then a cleverly placed pattern can give you the appearance of hourglass curves if that’s what you’re going for! It’s all about those balanced proportions!

Patterns on Black Backgrounds - Patterns applied over a black background are visually slimming. Used strategically, they are an excellent tool for reducing the appearance of larger bosoms, tummies and help take a little bounce out of your badonkadonk when needed.

Using Blacks to Slim - speaking of black...if the goal is to visually slim, stick to matte black fabrics. Shiny black fabrics are sexy for sure, but material that screams “All eyes on me!” isn’t usually the most forgiving if the goal is to hide some extra curves!

Leading Lines - The use of vertical lines tends to elongate the area worn over, while horizontal lines widen the areas they are laying over. The exception to this rule is when horizontal lines are thin lines in contrasting colors. Those tricky little lines will confuse the eyes and actually assist in slimming. It’s like a magic wand for your waistline!

Patterned Protection - Lastly, let patterns provide you with some protection when you need it - use patterns over areas of your body that have you feeling a little less confident. You’ll visually confuse the eye and leave you feeling covered when you need it most!










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