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Let’s Hit the Road!: 9 Tips for Sustainable Travel

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

After 18 months of hanging out at home thanks to the COVID worldwide pandemic, I am getting pretty tired of the views around here! Do ya feel me? And while watching YouTube clips of the most beautiful international train rides did help us feel like there is a world out there beyond our four walls, there is nothing like feeling the salty air on our skin or a mountain breeze whip through our hair to make us feel alive again! If you feel like all of Netflix has been successfully watched, and you have completed your fifth 1000 piece puzzle, you may be ready for a vacation!


Let’s Hit the Road!: 9 Tips for Sustainable Travel

As America opens back up again and the world too, (fingers and toes crossed!) there’s no time like the present to begin dreaming and making plans to travel and explore again. The beauty of travel is it comes with options! How you want to travel, where you want to travel, and what to do when you arrive at your destination. Travel can be even more enjoyable if approached sustainably, thinking about how, where, and what in a way that cares for the environment and culture you plan to explore.

Sustainable travel may create new opportunities you hadn’t thought of or experiences you’ve never had! Here are my 9 tips on how to travel sustainably:

  1. Traveling to a new location during off-peak seasons will save your pocketbook and reduce the number of tourists visiting this location. Fewer people mean less noise and environmental pollution.
  2. Plan your travel to a location that needs a tourism boost. Look for places or countries that need support. Then, while you are there, stay/shop/dine locally. What a boost you can provide to the small business economy!
  3. Look for eco-friendly accommodations. Not only do these establishments intentionally look at reducing their environmental footprint, but they also positively assist within their community, promoting other local businesses. These aren’t your grandma’s hotel chain!
  4. Toiletries are the easiest way to reduce waste most easily when traveling. Purchase long-lasting, reusable containers and pouches rather than disposable containers and plastic bags. Refill when empty using your own favorite products.
  5. Dirty laundry? No problem! Bring a foldable, fabric laundry bag and skip the plastic hotel bag.
  6. While adventuring, use local transportation to get around. Not only is this a great way to meet the locals and learn more authentically about your destination, but you are also reducing other vehicle emissions.
  7. Plan excursions that create an opportunity for you to leave transportation behind. Opt to walk, bike, swim, skate, climb, or hike. While adventuring, stay on paths provided to respect flora and fauna native to the land. And when you're thirsty from your exertion, use refillable water bottles to drink from, rather than disposable.
  8. Shop the local farmer’s market for snacks and meals. Not only will your meals be fresh and locally sourced, but you are reducing the waste from take-out containers or packaging. When eating out, sit down and enjoy a restaurant experience, avoiding plastics and styrofoam.
  9. Are we headed indoors to a local museum or historic venue? Remember to take photos without flash. The lights from the flash can be damaging to many historical relics. Let’s let others enjoy history in years to come by being responsible travelers.

My Yvonne Tote, GiGi Clutch, and Inizio Satchels are the perfect travel companions. On big trips I fill my GiGi Clutch with all of the essentials: hand sanitizer, wireless headphones (bring your own! The airlines toss borrowed ones into landfills after one use), lip balm, lotion, pen and passport. Then, I slide her into my Yvonne Tote, alongside my wallet, reusable water bottle, phone, blanket scarf, book, and snacks. Upon arrival, I click GiGi’s strap on and sling her crossbody for light days and evenings out. When headed to the beach or pool, I take Yvonne to pile in my towel, cover-up, sunscreen, and hat. On shorter or smaller trips, Inizio is my go-to satchel. Big enough to hold the essentials and keep me hands-free to grab my latte...or a poolside margarita!

If you’ve spent any time hanging out in our little corner of the internet, you’ll know that sustainability, one purse at a time, is our creed here at Paula Parisotto. It should come as no surprise that we want to carry out sustainable practices, not just to our accessories, but also to the way we live our lives, including how we travel.


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