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Corks Uses....They're Abundant!

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

If your favorite adult beverage doesn’t come in a box or with a twist-off lid, chances are you are no stranger to one of cork’s best-known uses. But, did you know that cork’s illustrious career can be linked as far back as ancient Egypt from its appearance in early tomb excavations! While I sometimes like to think I discovered cork and its many uses, history has a way of showing us how little we actually know! Aside from being used as bottle stoppers for thousands of years, cork serves many other unique purposes...some of them which might surprise you!


a variety of cork leather piled onto a workbench

Cork: It’s Everywhere! It’s not just for keeping your champagne bubbly and your wine fresh! As a sustainable product, this bark tissue serves a variety of essential purposes in our everyday lives. Here are six reasons why I find cork and its usages fascinating:

  1. Did you know that cork is used in interior design? Cork is attractive to many interior designers and homeowners because of its sustainability, unique look, and neutral color. Used indoors, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but cork is also non-slip and durable, which has made it a popular choice for flooring, furniture upholstery, wall coverings, and decor items.
  2. In exterior spaces, cork and construction go together like champagne and orange juice. Cork granules assemble to form an agglomeration: a cluster used as wall insulation and to construct ceilings and roofs. In a more structural usage, cork is used in cement compression and the expansion joints of dams, tunnels, and other concrete structures. Next time you take a ride on that highway or freeway, chances are there’s some cork in that road you’re traveling!
  3. Moving toward personal items and accessories, you’re no stranger to sustainable fashion accessories if you’re reading this post. From our purses, belts, and earrings that make up the Paula Parisotto brand, to hats, wallets, bracelets, blazers, shoes….even umbrellas! Getting Corky yourself from head to toe is totally an option!  
  4. Next time you find yourself enjoying your Spotify playlist, chances are that the musical instruments you are hearing are partially constructed from cork. Many woodwind instruments, such as flutes, recorders, and clarinets, contain cork parts.
  5. Many sports and leisure equipment can give thanks to the many talents of cork. Because cork is buoyant, it helps fishing poles stay afloat should one get pulled into the water. Cork also provides a measure of comfort to aquatic bodyboards, making them comfortable and non-slip in water. Land sports, such as baseballs and cricket balls, are known for a bit of bounce. Guess what they’re made of? You got it. The bounce comes from the cork center. And if you shoot pool, play table tennis, or go skiing, all of these types of equipment paddles and/or handles are made of cork. I love my cork-made yoga mat….its lightweight, non-slip and antimicrobial properties made it an easy sell for this yogi!
  6. Most impressively might be the use of cork in aerospace, auto, and electrical engineering industries. Because it is lightweight, cork wears well but can also be heat resistant. Because durability is so important in these industries, cork is a valued asset and commodity.

Despite all of these brilliant uses of cork in our world, it is also effortless to care for, making it the perfect material for everyday accessory usage. Take a peek at my blog post: How to Care for Cork for more on cork care. And, if you’ve recently spotted a creative use of cork out in the wild, definitely let me know about it in the comments. Inspiration comes from the most unusual places (you can read about my “ah-ha!” moment here), and I am always looking for new ways to get corky!



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