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Giving and Receiving with Gratitude, all Year 'Round

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

The air is crisp, bells are ringing outside of shopping malls, lights and tinsel are appearing around windows and doors. The sights and sounds (and smells...hello fresh jam filled butter cookies!) of the season have us feeling warm, cozy, and generous! No wonder we call this the season of giving and receiving….but aren’t we always in a season of giving and receiving?


Two beautifully wrapped silver gifts sit in front of a Tiffany blue backdrop. Giving and receiving with gratitude for better money energy flow

We give of our services, products, and funds...we give of our time, attention, affection, and appreciation. We receive money for our services and products and accept other’s gifts of love, time, compliments, and more. This time of year might be the BIG season of giving, but with some mindfulness, we can keep that spirit going all year long! 

The universe gives us fresh water to drink, food to eat, air to breath, light to warm us, and darkness to give us rest. We are given nature’s music: birds singing, wind in the trees, and the glorious gift that is Taylor Swift. Daily we experience so many good and perfect gifts….but what’s that saying? It’s better to give than receive. 

But I do so LOVE to receive! Tacos of most any kind, shoes (mostly of the heeled kind), a trip to Greece...just in case I’m on your Secret Santa list, I want you to have options! I gratefully receive it! I am learning to apply that same joy to daily giving, as well. Sometimes giving can feel like a loss (I’m looking at you, Mr. Electric Bill!)...but it doesn’t have to be that way! I recently began to thank each bill as I send off the money for the benefit I received from it.

 “Thank you, gas-bill for the ability to wash and dry my clothing, to cook meals and heat my home.” 

“Thank you, IT team member, for allowing me to do what I do best and not worry about my website.” 

“Thank you, Dr. Lori, for educating me on the fact that I am perimenopausal and not losing my mind!” --Anyone else out there who knows what I’m talking about?

When you think of money as an energy flow, gratitude for what you are giving and receiving comes more naturally. Money gratefully given will circulate back into our lives, often five or ten times more than we gave. 

The same is true with other forms of giving. The more joyfully and unconditionally your gifts of time, attention, love, and care you give, the more you will receive in return. I don’t know about you, but I can always use more time, affection, and care in my life. Happy endorphins are addicting...let’s put them out there freely and often! Better to give than receive, am I right? 

So cheers (lifting a mug of spiked eggnog in your general direction!) to not only this giving and receiving season, but to gratefully giving and receiving each day of each week this coming year! 

To celebrate, I've put together a list of financially free giving to help you kick-off your season of gratitude:

o Compliments

o Smiles

o Hugs

o Laughter

o Prayers

o Your time

o Your full attention

Have more ideas on how to give freely and without reservation? Tell me below! I want to hear them! 



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