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Caring for your Shoes, one of your Most Important Fashion Assets

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Some fashion elements we could live without; scarves, hats, even jewelry, and belts….all can be left out of our wardrobe without affecting our ability to live comfortably (albeit less fashionably!), BUT shoes...Girl, those are essential! Don’t believe me? Just watch an episode of Naked and Afraid one time and see how colorful one’s language becomes when one travels the world shoeless!


An assortment of women shoes sits disorderly on top of a sheep skin rug against and aqua painted wall.

I’m not tryin’ to say that you need more shoes….but no one here is judging if your closet looks like Emelda Marcus is your roomie! Whether you need just a few pairs or a few hundred pairs, keeping your feet looking fab begins with caring for your kicks! 

Living simply and having the shoe collection of your dreams can go hand in hand. It’s all about keeping what you wear and letting go of what you don’t! Store your shoes by placing them side by side with the heel facing out on one shoe and the toe facing out on the other. Not only will you be able to fit more shoes on the shelf (winning!), you’ll be able to see what styles will best suit your outfit of the day! At the end of the season, evaluate which shoes never got worn, and let go of the ones that don’t suit your style any longer. 

Shoes can suffer damage from lack of use just as much as from overuse. Boots can become limp and lifeless without support. You can save money on “shaft shapers” (which aren’t as dirty as they sound!) by rolling up old towels, newspapers, or magazines and sliding them into the shaft of your boot. Those boys will be standing at attention in no time (Ok, maybe that does sound a little dirty…) 

Likewise, unworn shoes can often become misshapen around the toe box. You can avoid damage and the cost of shoe shapers by stuffing clean, rolled socks in toe boxes. 

Dust is the devil no matter where it lands, but it can be especially harmful on those shoes that get minimal wear ( ‘cause I don’t care how good they make my legs look, I’m not wearing Louboutins to vacuum my house!). Keep those beauties (or your Birkenstocks too for that matter!) in their original purchased shoe box. Purchased, see-through plastic boxes are an option, but, but choose a breathable option for your more expensive shoes. 

Speaking of boxes, taking a close up photo of each pair of shoes, and slap that baby on your boxes to make the shoe search go a little bit more quickly! 

Tennis shoes have a way of reminding you how often they have been used. Peeee-Yooo! Avoid turning your closet into a locker room by placing fragrant dryer sheets or tea bags into the toe of your sneaks to soak up all those stinky odors. Replace and toss used tea bags and dryer sheets periodically to keep your closet smelling fresh! 

Caring for your shoes is key to keeping a polished wardrobe...what’s the saying? “The shoes make the man...or WOman as it were! But before you can care for them, you have to know which styles suit you best. Even if you think you can live with just a few simple pairs, I encourage you to include the “essential basics” in your wardrobe. They don’t have to be expensive, or you can invest in pairs that will last you many seasons, your choice! 

Ladies: Sneaker, Black or Tan flats, Black Pump, Tan Pump, Tan Sandal, and a Tan Boot. 

Fellas: Sneaker, Dock or Slip-on, Oxford or Wingtip, Flips or Sandals, and a Tan Boot. 

Do you adore the fit and style of a particular shoe? BUY TWO. Manufacturers change their style seasonally. The likelihood of finding the same pair again when your fav shoes are worn out and ready to be thrown out are pretty slim (Same rule applies when you find that magic pair of jeans that fit just right...or any staple item that you know you’ll want to wear again and again. Buy two!)


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