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7 Reasons Why Made in the USA is Important

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Made in the USA. If you are a consumer of goods (and, who isn't?) you've heard this statement, but do you know what it means? It’s more than 3 little words embroidered on a label or stamped on a sticker stuck to the bottom of an item. Made in the USA stands for some pretty impressive standards! Here are seven facts about US production that make me feel pretty proud to say Paula Parisotto is made in the USA!


A US fabricator holding a Made in the USA brand.
  1. Quality - US fabrication is simply known to be of a higher standard. Stricter regulations mean more environmentally conscious manufacturing choices and an expectation of quality work.
  2. Safer working conditions are at the top of the list in US manufacturing. Organized in 1913, the US Department of Labor is one of our country’s oldest regulating authorities. Created to protect the interests of the wage earners, safe working conditions and fair pay are two of their chief concerns.
  3. Fair Wages are essential. Often companies who send their productions overseas do so because the related costs can be much less. One of the cost-cutting measures employed is labor costs. In the US, regulations prevent reducing labor at the expense of employee safety and require a minimum wage.
  4. It’s good for the economy. Supporting other US businesses by keeping production in-country means fellow Americans are employed, and American companies are thriving. That’s good for everyone!
  5. Buying US-made supports US independence. The better our economy, the less dependent we are on foreign countries.
  6. Environmentally Sustainable - US fabrication practices are better for our environment! Regulations that protect our air, water and use of natural resources are essential for maintaining a positive environmental impact. Not to mention no overseas travel or shipping, which is good for the environment as well!
  7. Buying US-made promotes American pride. Our country is young by country standards, but we have accomplished a lot in our 244 years!

I am proud to say that Paula Parisotto is “Made In The USA!” Knowing that no less than 10 US hands touch each purse, belt and earring made and sold from conception to creation gives me an incredible sense of gratitude. What was the dream of one woman (that’s me!) to create accessories, and has grown into a fantastic team of passionate artists, working together to change fashion one bag at a time! And we are all doing it here together in the good ol’ U S of A!



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