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Manufacturing of Dreams into Purses

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Though I barely noticed Inizio's weight on my shoulder, the crossbody purse was heavy with promise. 


A single tan purse zipper lies on a concrete counter

My sample was good. Like really good. My fellow students peppered with requests to buy her.  No way! I mean...it was tempting, but I needed to see what she could do. How she’d wear. Plus, I wanted to take her to the streets and show her off a little.

Inizio was a looker. Her minimalist lines and stylish design were subtly sexy. And, people were in love with the cork fabric. Not to brag, but I knew they would! Only one reoccurring request was keeping people from falling fully under her spell. They wanted an interior zippered pocket.

Brilliant. Of course, a bag that was designed with an active life in mind would need a secure spot for essentials.  Back the craft closet I went. Now, with more cork from my role, another yard of pretty interior fabric, and a zipper, I sewed sample number two. Can I tell you what a beast putting in a zipper is? Whew! But now she wasn’t just another pretty face. She was smart, with all of the style and strength to tackle any adventure.

Her second time out and about, Inizio continued to turn heads...but this time, without any suggestions for improvement. She was ready (and so was I) to meet with a manufacturer. I knew the stylish public was waiting for a purse like this and it was time to introduce Inizio to them.

This journey has been a series of one angel leading me to another. Now it was Arcy’s turn, this time introducing me to a manufacturer who could sew a professional sample. It was in meeting Ron that I knew I wasn't dreaming this thing anymore. I was making it happen.

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