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Six Tips that will Save you Time and Money

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Building an accessories brand crafted from meaningful materials and a part of the slow fashion movement has prompted me to be more of a minimalist in my everyday life. (As well as the fact that 90% of my belonging have been packed in a cargo container for 2 years!!)


A silver thimble, safety pins and sewing pins sit atop a pink colored fabric

Waste, whether it be time, money, or things, has become something I work to avoid. There is so much good we can choose to do with what we have been given. Since we are friends, I assume you feel the same? Uh-uh, thought so! Today’s tips are just for you then, saving you both time and money! 

Tip #1: Just add ice. Can we all agree that ice makes everything better? Frozen Margarita? Don’t mind if I do. Iced Tea? It makes it feel like summer all year round. Guess what, adding ice works on wrinkles too! Throw a couple of ice cubes in the dryer along with your wrinkled garments, and as the ice melts, it will steam the wrinkles right out. Voila! Sleek perfection without the work! 

Tip #2: Keep tape in the car. Sure, this tip sounds like it could put you on the next most wanted list, but if you don’t store it next to some rope and a black plastic bag and you’ll be just fine! Masking tape works great in a pinch when your pooch’s goodbye snuggles left your clothing covered in their love...errrrr…fur. Simply rip off 12-18 inches, wrap it around your hand and tap against your garment for a quick and easy clean up. 

Tip #3: Rubber Bands are Lifesavers. Part 1 - ¾ sleeves have been a style staple for years because of their magic ability to give you an hourglass figure. I’m a fan of any look that adds curves in all the right places, but what do you do when your favorite 3/4 sleeve top is at the cleaners, and your current replacement has long sleeves that stubbornly won't stay rolled up? Its as easy as sliding a snug rubber band over your wrist (find one on your newspaper), placing it 2-3” above your sleeves hemline. Pull the rubber band and sleeve up your arm until the hemline is at about a 3/4 length and there you go! Instant ¾ sleeves and curves for days at zero cost!

Tip #4: Rubber Bands. Part 2 - Rubber bands can also be used to keep your pant leg from riding up when you slide on your knee-high boots. Just fold your pant leg to fit snuggly around your ankle, secure it with a rubber band, slide on your boot and you and those boots are made for walking. 

Tip #5: Women don’t sweat, they glow. Ok, that isn’t entirely true, but unless you're at the gym there isn’t any reason anyone needs to see you sweat! Tucking a thin panty liner into the armpit of your top will absorb any unsightly, top ruining sweat stains and leave you feeling dry and ready to take on anything life throws at you! (Be sure to secure it otherwise you'll risk dropping the liner on the street and who wants that?)

Tip #6: Safety pin for the win! Have your girl’s night binges on crudités and cosmos left your pants feeling a little snug this morning? No need to buy new pants (just yet), simply undo the button and secure them with a large safety pin instead. Boom! Comfort without spending a dime! 




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