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How Being Organized Brings Freedom and Success

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Did you ever read that children’s book, “If You Give a Moose A Muffin?” - its the chronicle of a creative moose who packs a ton of fun into a single day, each activity sparking another idea and a whirlwind of messy chaos ensues. While I can relate to the moose and all her big ideas, my version of the story would be much shorter (and probably involve tacos…)


Santa Barbara California personal stylist, Paula Parisotto, juggles a wristlet, antique book, picnic basket, blanket and glasses while making a funny face.

If You Give Paula a Mess…..she’s going to organize it. Probably by size and color and frequency of use. The End.

My need for organization hasn’t kept me from big ideas. Hell no! It’s freed me to dream bigger ideas because plans have been made to bring them to reality! Rather than skipping from one project to another, I map out steps to take one dream into building another. When asked how I became so organized, the only answer I can give is that the Universe saw to it when I was born a Virgo. Organization is as innate to me as breathing, but zodiac sign or not, this skill can be cultivated in your own life.

For me, life circumstances reinforced my need for organization. As a child, my wrongdoings were punished in three ways:

1) “You’re grounded to the house with no TV, phone, radio or friends” - I’m an active person, so to keep busy, I would organize (and reorganize) my things.

2) "Sit in your room and write 500 times, I will not continue to talk during class." - honing my list making skills. 

3) “Go clean the fountain, trim the hedges and vacuum the house....in straight lines!” - curating spaces to make them more beautiful, cultivated my eye for design and detail.

Honestly, my childhood was challenging, and organizing kept my mind off reality. As an adult, my therapist pointed out that organization is not only innate but my method of controlling my surroundings, which I was unable to do during my messy childhood. Now I find being in a cluttered space or disorganized situation makes me very uncomfortable. But discomfort is where change and action take place. For this, I say “Thank you Universe!” what an incredible gift to see paths to growth! 

Thanks to this ability (be it my zodiac sign, learned behavior, or innate personality trait), my organizational skills have enabled me to rise to the top of every job I have had. 

Here are some simple rules I live by: 

  • Being organized doesn’t mean being inflexible. It means having the space to change course without creating more chaos. 
  • Organization = Freedom - There is nothing more freeing than knowing your world is running smoothly and you can be spontaneous in your choices. 
  • Uncluttered home and office = a mind free to create. 
  • Reorganization is just a plot twist! 
  • Goals are just well-organized dreams, with a plan to achieve them. 

Organization is such a lifestyle to me that I have created a business model around being organized. My Personal Styling brand focused on auditing and organizing your closet to create freedom for making style choices without stress. My brand of cork accessories marries style and function with reversible earrings and belts and  handbags that partner together, making outings feel effortless. Gone are the day of searching for what you need at the bottom of your purse. Everything has a place with ample pockets and space to keep you organized. 

Are you like me and organization is second nature or is it a trait you crave but haven’t had success implementing? I’d LOVE to hear about your successes and struggles with achieving an organized life! Comment below. 

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