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How to Organize your Purse.....and Everything Else!

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

Gone are the days when your purse was just a cute accessory to hold your keys and credit cards. Now, women on the go practically live out of their handbags! Raise your hand if, most days, your purse pulls double duty as a lunch tote, laptop sleeve, and gym bag! Carrying around that kind of weight can weigh you down (see what I did there?) so let’s lighten the load with some easy purse organization tips!


Contents of a purse laid out


Empty it Out

We’re talking down to the crumbs. Give it a hearty shake and make sure there isn’t anything lurking in the corners. Wipe out the insides if needed and use a gentle cloth to remove any dirt from the purse’s outside surfaces.

Sort it Out

I like to place the contents into groups of items that seem to go together. Chapstick, lotion, and lip gloss set those aside. Pens, pencils, and notepad go in another pile and so on. Keep only the essential items.

Throw it Out

Trash the little unnecessary bits, recycle old papers, file receipts, and tuck the other items you’ve collected into their respective homes. Don’t you feel organized already with those items put where they belong?

Put it Back

Now take the items that you use daily and place them neatly back into your favorite purse (for me, it’s usually my Yvonne Convertible Cork Tote). I like to use small zippered bags (eh-em, GiGi versatile clutch) to conveniently hold and keep organized my most often reached for items.

Repeat as Necessary

I recommend doing these 4 easy steps every other week, or at least monthly, to help keep your purse organized. You’ll be amazed at how this super simple step can bring a sense of freedom to your every day.

The best part of this process..........these steps work to clean up ANY space that frequently becomes a catch-all for odds and ends. Wallet looking a bit fat (and not from rolls of cash)? Thin it out with the same steps above. The kitchen drawer won’t close? It works there too!

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