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Personal Stylist and Accessories Designer Paula Parisotto's Journey

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

I believe yoga class is best chased by a vodka with a twist of lime.

I believe in adventure, whether it’s a road trip up the California coast in my comfy velour jumper or sipping champagne in first-class in my highest heels.

I believe in women having the freedom to go after what they want without batting an eyelash.

And I believe your wardrobe should effortlessly accent your lifestyle ...starting with a great handbag.


Two unique cork bags, a wristlet and shoulder bag or tote purse, made in the of cork fabric sit on an old wood picnic table on a beach pier.

Late nights researching the cork forests of Portugal. Traveling six states in five days to meet manufacturers. Sewing samples in my California studio.

In a glance, the creation of this handbag line can be traced back over two years of research, design and exploration. To the moment when a handbag made of a vaguely familiar, attention-grabbing material sparked the "a-ha" moment that turned this personal stylist into an accessory designer.

But really, it can be traced back to a lifetime of experiences. To leaving a 20 year career to start my next life as a accomplished personal stylist. To going back to school while raising four teenagers (and three dogs). To waving buh-bye to the struggles I faced in the past to build the future I wanted, brick by brick.

That’s why I started this company. It’s for women {and fellas} like us, to prove that we can live life on our terms. To put those boxing classes to work, knocking out any obstacles that get in the way with a strong one-two punch!

I am showing up everyday to create a line that’s not only unique, lightweight, washable, duarable, stain resistant, water repelling, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic {fewf, say that 5 times fast!} but is chock- full of thoughtful features and is hand-sewn right here in the USA. 

Let’s face it, our lives (and our closets) are filled to the brim! We need quality accessories that complement our individual styles and our busy schedules. And, most importantly, we should never have to sacrifice style for practicality. We deserve it all, don’t you think?

If we were together, I’d be pulling you in for a big hug right about now. Consider this a virtual squeeze, girlfriend!

Welcome to my journey,

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