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Know the Current Fashion Trends & How to Wear Them

Posted by Paula Parisotto on

It's sweater season, and while the temps might be cool, let's make sure your fall and winter still is still hot! Here's my scoop on all things trendy this season....


A brunette and a blond outside a New York brick building holding luxe designer clutches made of cork fabric

So, what is a fashion trend? You've heard of them but what do you really know about them? Like, who starts them and how do they trickle down to us? Listen up kids, class is in session! I'm about to provide you with a lil' fashion trend schooling. 

Fashion trends, created by trend-setters a.k.a. big-city designers, celebrities, musicians, artists, fashions forecasters and the like, are styles that have become hip to the masses.

Stylists (like myself), designers (That's me too!) and influencers attend bi-annual fashion conferences to gather intel about these upcoming styles to ensure their clients and collections are looking smart for the new season.

Twice a year the four fashion capitals of the world, Milan, Paris, New York, and London, host a weeklong series of shows called Fashion Week, showcasing designers upcoming styles. Fashions elites are in attendance and ready to spread the word. 

If a style falls flat on the masses, it simply dies away. (Eh-em, Lady Gaga's meat dress!) Styles that carry only a smidgen of interest are coined fads and fizzle out fast. (think acid washed jeans) Trends that have real staying power are called classics. (A single strand of pearls is always in style thanks to trendsetter Audrey Hepburn!) 

Rejoice! Many of this seasons trends are reoccuring classics. Let's start off with my favorite style trend of the season, metallics. So classy, and SO GLAM! When paired as an accessory, metallics can take your look from the office to the nightclub. So my fashionable friend, take this as your invitation to sparkle all day long!

I’m seriously fangirling over this season’s new embossed reptile prints! This oh so chic look adds some daring flair to a classic style. It’s ssssssleek, ssssssssexy, and so versssssssatile! (Ssssssssee what we did there?)

Cork clutches

Plaids and checks. These two classic beauties are back on top. Wear a subtly checked blazer to your next business lunch or tuck (full tuck ladies- the half-tuck is a thing of the past!) a comfy plaid button-up into your favorite jeans for a Saturday at the farmers market.

Animals are on top this year. Faux fur is in, and we are embracing this trend, as are our furry friends! Leopard print is on trend, but only if you keep it classy. Leave the vampy animal prints in the Halloween costume box. This year’s leopard is luxe.

Another way to shine this season is high gloss patent. A common fear of wearing this luscious looking material is how quickly it scuffs. Don’t let that keep you from looking fab this winter! Scuffs are easily cleaned with a gentle buffing of saddle soap, whole milk, or even hair conditioner!

You know I love seeing a woman shine, and this year’s love of sequin is making everyone sparkle! Did you know King Tut was wearing them back in 1341 B.C.? Talk about a trendsetter! Guess that makes this style choice a classic!

There is no denying the iconic style that shaped how we think of the 80’s. Love it or hate it, we loved that the 80’s invited you to be yourself. We are seeing a resurgence of 80’s fashion. Hello high waisted pants! (And shoulder pads, ugh!) Whether these will be fads or become a fashion staple remains to be seen, but I’m stocking up on some aerosol hairspray just in case! 

cork belt

I always love a flattering style that wears well on all body types, so I am enjoying the fit and flare dresses that are in this season! Their simple lines are perfect for pairing with accessories to add a nod towards your personal style. Add a cute belt, or pair with a hat to give your look that personal touch. Speaking of hats, they are SO in. Yay! My vintage collection is already out and in use.

Well-fitted clothing should always be in style however, lucky for us, tailored looks are hot this season. Also coming back in vogue are pant and skirt suits. Most of the 2000’s these looks were passé, but as we are seeing, classic style is having it’s heyday this season!

Fashion trends are as much about what is out as what is in this season. Things that are out: showing your booty! Midi skirts have replaced mini-skirts and low-waist jeans have been replaced by a more sophisticated high waist version. Also out: platform heels, big jewelry, skinny jeans (Yep, finally!), too ripped jeans and floppy hats. This season, we are clearly accentuating the female form with classy patterns, textures and silhouettes. 

No matter what you are wearing this season, your style is best worn with confidence! Girl, you are gorgeous!

Wearing one of our cork accessories this season? (We hope you said "yes".) Make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook. We want to see how you #getcorky with your fall and winter wardrobe!

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